Zaynab Mossolem

I-Health Representative

Zaynab graduated with a Bachelors in Health and Natural Sciences from Mercy College, where she is currently finishing her Masters in Health Service Management; T minus 3 months until graduation! She hopes with her experience and passion for health care, she will be able to improve the process to receive health care treatment so that no patient is turned away. Her 5 year goal? To oversee a department, preferably the emergency department, in a public hospital.


Zaynab is a coffee enthusiast-some may say addict, but same difference right? That first sip of her venti pike with 3 pumps of hazelnut, and a little bit of cream from Starbucks is what gets her day going. When she’s not drinking coffee though, you can catch her at LA fitness squatting and trying to beat her PR of a 5:20 mile.