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ACL – The Definitive Guide

The human body is a complex combination of multiple joints, ligaments, and structures that all work together in unison to allow us to perform the daily functions we need to thrive. Each joint and its surrounding ligaments are constantly subjected to immense load. To function safely, proper force management within each joint and their supportContinue Reading »

Essential Movements for Shoulder Strength

The shoulder complex is the functional unit that allows for movements of the arm with respect to the trunk. It is comprised of the clavicle, scapula (shoulder blade), and humerus as well as various muscular and ligamentous structures. The shoulder complex has four joints: (1) sternoclavicular, (2) acromioclavicular, (3) scapulothoracic, and (4) glenohumeral. The glenohumeralContinue Reading »

Breathing to Improve Mobility and Alleviate Pain

Introduction Breathing is a fundamental necessity that influences many anatomical structures around our core. To help understand the importance of the rib cage and breathing, think about the foundation of a house. The entire house, and everything in the house, relies on a solid foundation. Otherwise, the house will fall apart. The spine, pelvis, andContinue Reading »

Introduction to Running – By Dr. Maria Muto

Running is a natural form of movement that involves segments of the entire body. This includes the arms, upper spine, lower spine, pelvis, lower legs, ankles, feet and even the toes! Each segment plays an important role in the form of running. If there is a deficit in one area, it trickles up or downContinue Reading »

Carpal Tunnel? These 21 Exercises Will Help Tremendously

Carpal Tunnel? These 21 Exercises Will Help Tremendously

Carpal tunnel syndrome is a common presentation of office workers, typists, writers, painters, people who do delicate embroidery, knitters, painters and many more. It is commonly seen in people who use repetitive hand motions. What is carpal tunnel syndrome? Carpal tunnel syndrome is median nerve entrapment between the hand and carpal bones. The ligaments andContinue Reading »