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Do you think having lower back pain is normal? Maybe you blame it on “sleep patterns” or “spasms” or ‘getting older?”....We tend to hear this all the time; people think that having lower back pain, stiffness or an ache is normal. That the pain will “pass.”

If this is happening to you, you’re not alone - We hear this all the time. Actually, lower back pain and pain down the leg is one of the most common problems that we solve in our clinic.

Everybody we see wants to know:

“Why Me?”
“Can I ever get back to exercise?”

Most people think that they cannot do anything about their issues and chances are it will continue to be present until you get some help… YouTube videos and Google searching will only get you so far. 

Another common situation at Iron Health is when people come in and say that their physician recommended painkillers rest, and time.

This advice is usually not the best! After a few weeks you will end up back in the physician's office due to continued or worsened pain. The physician will then recommend a STRONGER dose of medication and MORE rest. From this we understand why so many people are experiencing chronic pain.

You may ask why does my back pain last so long? The truth is that with all the self diagnosis and various opinions it can be misleading and confusing.

Maybe you think your back pain was caused by a specific action - lifting or moving quickly- But really it was caused by little chronic stressors over the years. Simple stress from improper posture or a life full of sitting can be the sole culprit of this persistent back pain.

IF you suffer from back pain I get that it can be confusing and troublesome. Most people we see just become accustomed to the pain and term it to be normal.

Do You Feel That Way Too?

If So, Here Are 7 Additional Reasons Why It May Be Lasting Longer Than It Should:

  • 1. You classify it as temporary
  • 2. Your Physician recommended bed rest and anti inflammatories that seized the pain for a few hours but returned immediately after the medication wore off.
  • 3. Someone you know told you “It is a part of getting older.”
  • 4. You were unsure where to turn to for help.
  • 5. The top exercises you searched under ‘Back Pain’ and attempted gave you negative results.
  • 6. You decided to just ‘wait it out’ but all that did was make you more stiff and increase your pain.
  • 7. You went to the local massage therapist in pursuit of relief, however the benefits were short lived.

If any of the above sounds like you - We would love to help you. At Iron Health, we offer a FREE consult with one of our physical therapist! Since you’ve tried one or some of the above we automatically know what wouldn’t work; allowing us to focus on other approaches that will allow us to find the answer.

Our major goal is to help you! CLICK the link below to book a phone call with us now. The call is completely FREE and you are not obligated to book any appointments after the call. We want to be a part of your guidance in the right direction! 

“What Is A Quick Remedy to Back Pain?”...

Below are 3 things you can start with:

  • 1. First, make a decision about getting help - The longer you wait the worse your back can potentially get. If you wait 3 or more months to address your pain is has now become chronic; only progressively getting worse
  • 2. Next, do not diagnosis yourself on YouTube and Google! - I know it can be tempting to get to the root cause with your Google search; however you may potentially cause more harm than good. Proper exercises can really help you, but it must be done correctly and progressed correctly for it to be efficient.
  • 3. Get real, Physical Therapy - This approach, alone, is proven to sufficiently help back pain. At Iron Health one of the most common conditions we see are those affected by back pain. Our clients with back pain usually state that it interferes with their daily lives. Their activity levels suffer and they begin to fear that the pain may never improve. But limitations do not have to be permanent. Physical Therapy is a vital asset to fully recovering and getting back to the life you want to live.

If you would like to know how Iron Health can help - We would love to offer you a free, no-obligation, risk free discovery visit at our clinic

Note: This Free Discovery Session is something that we provide for those that are very nervous or sceptical about Physical Therapy. Or maybe those unsure of its benefits and whether or not it is the right solution for them. If this sounds like you, please book your free discovery visit so we can help you.

So the next question is:

“How will Iron Health
Rid Me Of Back Pain Quickly?”

Below are a few things our Physical Therapists will address and accomplish

  • We will drastically take away your pain and stiffness- usually with a few sessions.
  • We will aid in finding the root cause of your problem and educate you all within 20 minutes.
  • We will correctly heal your problem, not mask it.
  • We will develop an exercise program that addresses your condition to the core.  
  • We will deter surgeries and painkillers.
  • We will get you back to a quality life so you can enjoy time with your family and friends.
  • We will you get you back to doing the activities you love.
  • We will restore your vibrant energy.

If you want to know what it will cost - and what availability we have at our Iron Health locations then please click the link below and complete the short form:

Success Stories at Iron Health

Below are success stories, from people JUST LIKE you, that have benefited tremendously from the care of our Iron Health team. ENJOY!

Annette - Late 50's - Ossining, NY

Patti - Early 50's - Croton, NY