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Physical Therapy vs. Chiropractic

What is Physical Therapy?

What is Chiropractic Care?

With chiropractic care, the primary focus for treatment is through manipulations & adjustments to help with dysfunctions of the spine. Manual treatment methods used by chiropractors range from sustained pressure to specific joint manipulations. These treatments are usually delivered by hand and involve a quick and gentle thrust of pressure. 

Why Physical Therapy?

Both types of treatments focus on managing dysfunction and its related symptoms like pain, stiffness, and weakness using hands-on therapy.

Physical therapy is focused on working with you to bring you back to pain free movement. This is achieved through various treatment techniques. These treatments are generally built around training patients on proper movement patterns via the use of exercises, stretches, and neuromuscular control activities. DPTs also work with patients with neurological involvement including MS, Parkinsons, and post-stroke disorders.

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