Shoulder course

The Shoulder Rehab Course is a comprehensive course designed for YOU in mind. A lot times people who suffer from shoulder pain stick with general guidelines or programs that are only there to give them temporary relief. This E-course focusing on not only giving you relief BUT also solving your shoulder pain issues so they do not return!

We try to not focus on a diagnosis for this program- what we focus on is; how are you moving, what causes you the symptoms and what we need to do to ELIMINATE this from your life. This course is focused on a 6 week program to help bring you from a painful state all the way up until a functioning pain free return to life state.

Too many times we see people who just mask their symptoms without really diving into the root cause. Our goal is to guide you through a functional program to make you able to keep shoulder pain at bay! Our course instructor Dr. Rendina will assist you throughout the entire process, our team will also focus on every aspect of your recovery so you are not suffering alone through this process. We believe that knowledge goes a long way and with the right support team knowledge will bring you a life free of pain and fear from any lower back symptoms.

Hope you enjoy the course and looking forward to taking this journey with you.

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Low Back Pain Course

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