Low Back Pain E-course

Low Back Pain Course

6 Modules 11 Lessons Intermediate

About this course

Preparation is important when it comes to handling any obstacle in life. It helps you to plan out your exercise days and keep you accountable. To be prepared for what's to come, we've outlined the topics you'll be working on each week. Keep in mind that while the main objective of this course is to decrease back pain, what you will learn will carry over to every aspect of your life.

Introduction (Week 1):

  • Healthy Mindset - The building blocks of success.
  • Acute Management (Days 1-4)
  • Movement Assessment (Days 5-7)
  • How to reduce your pain fast!

Activation (Weeks 2-3):

  • Determine what is limiting your movement.
  • Begin to use motion to increase mobility.
  • Activate the surrounding muscles.

Strength and Control (Week 4):

  • Develop baseline strength.
  • Focus on activation with movement.
  • Progressions in movement and strength.

Movement Retraining (Weeks 5-6):

  • Teach your body proper form for everyday movements.
  • Focus on quality of movement, not quantity of reps.

Strength Development (Weeks 7-8):

  • Increase core engagement in movement.
  • Challenge your strength with slowly increased weight.
  • Prevent and eliminate back pain from coming back.

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Course Structure

3 Lessons


Meet your Doctor of Physical Therapy and review the outline your 8-week program.

Meet Your Instructor

Meet your Doctor of Physical Therapy!

Course Introduction

Find out how we will be structuring your road to recovery program.

Weekly Outline

Review what topics we will go over each week.

3 Lessons

Week 1

In the first week of the program, we focus on improving our mindset and reducing pain in order to perform an accurate assessment.

Your Mindset is Everything

Learn the import building block of getting your mindset right before startign this course. 

Acute Pain Management

If you have pain and it is easily aggravated, we need that pain to be reduced before we can progress. Your pain can be calmed down by following acute management techniques for 4 days.  Each day we want you to focus on resting, icing, performing a relief position and only using an anti-inflammatory if absolutely needed.

Movement Assessment

Let’s determine how movement affects your pain. The next few pages will explain how to perform each of the movements used in the assessment. Do this each day for Days 5-7, avoiding the movements that worsen your pain.


Consider these questions when performing each movement: Do you feel pain in your lower, middle, or upper back? Do you feel pain elsewhere in your body? Does pain begin when you bend or in the middle of the motion? Where do you feel stiffness? Are you rounding your back? Are you compensating the movement elsewhere in your body? Does it get worse as you repeat?

1 Lesson

Week 4

1 Lesson

Weeks 5-6

1 Lesson

Weeks 7-8

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