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Recovery SessIons


 Monday–Thursday: 10am–8pm,

 Fridays: 10am–6pm,
Saturdays: 10am–2pm

 & by Appointment.

What is a Recovery Session?

Being a human with busy schedules and increased time spent sitting our body can become stiff and tight, the normal stresses of every day can subtly be taking a toll on your body without you even knowing. 

Usually the traditional mindset is workout, workout, workout…Sound familiar? Working out and exercising is a crucial point to staying healthy, however at Iron Health we preach longevity and want you to stay healthy longer! This is why we are now offering Recovery sessions!

Our focus is to help you stay ahead of any injuries that may arise, as well as to keep you body moving functionally so nothing can develop in the future. Taking your recovery seriously will drastically improve your function and performance.

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Who is the ideal client?

Do you have stiffness, pain or exercise regularly? 

The question I want to ask you is how are you balancing your health? 

Do you have a regular body maintenance program?

When was the last time you checked your movement?

We are looking to help those who are serious about there health and wellness take it to the next level with our new revamped i-Health recovery memberships.

What all is included in a Recovery Session?

Do you regularly have check ups with your MD or dentist to make sure you are functioning Correctly?

Why not take those same principles to your physical body? 

Our recovery sessions are designed to allow you to get evaluated by our Doctors of Physical Therapist to put you at an optimal level of movement and function. 

During your recovery session you will be put through a movement analysis and assessment by one of our doctors. From there we will assess your joints, muscles, and flexibility to see which areas need more love and attention to get you moving optimally.

What does the Recovery Session with our Doctors of Physical Therapy look like?

Movement Assessment

Why do I need a movement assessment?

The building block of our recovery sessions and memberships it to get your unique movement profile. One of our doctors are going to take you through a full-body assessment to see where if any restrictions are evident that can be hindering your ability to function and perform. Our Doctors have trained eyes and skills to look at you movement profile and help you get to optimal health.

Manual Therapy

What does this do?

Hands-on and manual therapies can assist with stiffness, tightness, and mobility restrictions. Our team of doctors will use their skills sot really address and treat restrictions whether from scar tissue, lack of mobility or old lingering injuries. 

Corrective Exercises

How does this help?

Once you have a movement profile our doctors will prescribe the appropriate corrective exercises to ensure that you get back to function. These exercises are targeted specifically for you, we believe that each individual is different and may need something different compared to another. 

Instrument Assisted Manual Therapy

What are the benefits of this?

Sometimes it's hard to work on certain parts of your body.  Maybe you can't reach a spot or you are not able to put the right amount of pressure to alleviate issues.  We've got you covered with various tools ranging from massage guns to cupping.  These instruments help keep your body moving optimally and pain free.

Stretch Sessions

What are the benefits of this?

We've all heard it before: stretching is good for your body.  But what exactly should we be stretching? How much should we stretch? And how often? Our Doctors of Physical Therapy work with you to determine the tight muscles and joints in your body in order to deliver a goal oriented stretch program to help you improve the way you move and feel.