Our Mission, Vision & Core Values - Iron Health Physical Therapy & Cryotherapy

Our Mission, Vision & Core Values

O u r   M i s s i o n

At Iron Health, our goal is to eliminate pain through quality care so our patients are fully mobile with no restrictions. Whether it is a known injury or unknown cause, our licensed therapists will be sure to get to the root of discomfort. Our patients are individually evaluated/assessed to differentiate and distinguish a sole approach that will meet his or her goals.

With everlasting change in the health industry, quality improvement is our focal point. Remaining educated and surpassing expectations is an accomplishment we strive to achieve daily.

O u r   V I S I O n

By offering one-on- one patient care, we are able to deliver optimal results to our patients while building relationships that last a lifetime.

Our patient experience is diverse and unique in comparison to other physical therapy offices. We thrive on creating an atmosphere that you can call your home away from home. Although physical therapy is our main business approach, offering additional healthcare modalities allows us to extend our general care. The Cryotherapy treatment and I-Health Recovery Sessions allows us to emerge past the common physical therapy approach.

C o r e   V a l u e s

Quality Care

We pride ourselves on delivering quality to each one of our patients. We do not function on a traditional clinic schedule, each session is intimate and focused on you.

People First

We always put people first. We make connections with our patients and clients to create lifelong relationships. They are the lifeblood of our business.


We believe in teaching others about the human body and it’s bio-mechanics. We want everyone to know how staying active and exercising can alleviate pain.

Know & Heal Your Body

Every person has the power to heal themselves. We will educate you on your condition and how to address issues on your own.

Goal Setting

There is no progress without goal setting and goal reaching. We pride ourselves on setting logical steps for you to reach your goals.

Grow Together

Each area of our business is dependent on the community. Our goal is to grow and improve together.

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