Shoulder Rehab Course

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Dr. Joseph RendinaOrthopedic Certified SpecialistJoseph received his Doctorate in Physical Therapy from New York Medical College and is also recognized as a Board-Certified Orthopedic Specialist. As a former competitive athlete and weightlifter, Joseph understands the specific needs and demands of the human body. Joseph’s goal is to maintain an active approach to rehab while facilitating recovery.

Mindset Is Everything

The building block of everything is going to be your Mindet! The reason we put this so early in the course because it is crucial in helping you get to a desired goal, without the right mindset we would just be spinning our wheels. Your mindset is how you see the world, the old cliche of is the glass half empty or half full is a perfect example of a fixed or growth mindset. Understand that taking the steps to purchasing this course was a great initial step, now we have to follow through and get you back a pain free life where you see the glass has half empty. You can get beyond this, everything you are experiencing right now is only temporary and will get better with each step in this program, push forward and follow the steps and have FAITH that you will get back to doing what you love. Prescription to a healthy mindset consist of;Visualization;- Can you visualize what it would be like if you did not have any symptoms of lower back pain right now? how does it feel? Put yourself in that position and really FEEL what it feels like to be back to a normal level of function and life. Meditation;- Take some time for yourself with meditation. We recommend some form of mindfulness mediation. The premise of this is really just sitting down and becoming AWARE of everything around you; what does it smell like, what do you hear? Notice thoughts just like any other sensation they come and they go, notice your pain as it comes and goes as well. Now meditation can be a course all on its own, but its crucial to try to stop and just notice everything around you rather than BEING everything you are experiencing. Positive self talk.- How do you talk to yourself? Become aware of this, understand that our brain is a receiver and we have the ability to control what goes in. Talk to yourself in YES I CAN and I WILL rather than any type of victim mentality. Feed your brain with positive talk so you can experience a growth mindset. 

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