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Powering Your Training Through Iron Health

Our personal training staff has worked closely and shadowed our own physical therapists and learned from them as well as continuing your education to help people achieve their fitness goals. Whether it would be helping someone from rehab or coming in for prehab. With our rehab clients we are able to work with the clients as well as our Doctors to ensure our clients are getting the best program to prevent injury. 

Meet Your Trainers

As a competitive collegiate cheerleader Alina has always been into pushing her limits physically but after getting ACL surgery and gaining 30+ lbs post-surgery she was even more drawn to changing her habits and mindset around fitness and food. For the last 5+ years Alina has worked with hundreds of clients (including Dr. Joe Rendina), to help them change their bodies and their minds through nutrition and fitness coaching. Her most recent interest and focus is healing and transforming the body through nutrition and lifestyle habits for the best results.

Alina Pedraza


Ronny Arboleda


Ron has been a personal trainer for 5 years. He has worked with many clients. Ron currently is attending school to become a Licensed Massage Therapist and a Certified strength coach. Ron's life long  passion for being a personal trainer is always wanting to help and change people's lives through fitness, and health. Ron also trains Jiu Jitsu with Dr. Joe Rendina. Ron is always looking to improve in his education and himself to help those who want to achieve their fitness and health goals!