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Postnatal back pain doesn't have to last!

We can help!

How can Physical Therapy help my lower back pain after birth?

Throughout pregnancy, the body goes through a series of changes, including postural changes. Posture requires adequate strength/endurance from core and hip musculature. Due to the weight and position of the baby, you’ll see the abdominal/gluteal muscles lengthen and weaken, as well as an increase in lumbar curvature. Unfortunately even after birth, the effects from anatomical changes may linger. Physical Therapy can help to address posture deficits and their side effects in order to reduce pain.

What are the benefits of postnatal PT?

Physical Therapy can identify weaknesses and increase endurance of supporting muscles that may have been affected by posture changes in pregnancy. Physical Therapy is also beneficial in providing a home program that requires minimal equipment and time while caring for a newborn. 

What will a session look like?

During an initial evaluation, a Physical Therapist will first spend time getting to know you and your condition. The rest of the examination may include the following:

    Tests and measures to find range of motion and strength impairments

    Observation of posture and gait

    Evaluation of functional movements to identify poor movement patterns 

    Hands-on manual techniques based on examination findings

    Therapeutic exercise, stretching, mobility work

    Prescription of home-exercise program