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How would you feel if I told you that you can enhance your performance, increase your mobility and gain knowledge that would make you a better crossfit athlete from JUST spending some time on your HIPS!

In this detailed presentation you will learn how to unlock your hips to become a better performer, decrease your risk of injury, as well as learn the foundational knowledge needed to SELF treat yourself.

If you have been told TO STOP EXERCISING or to JUST REST and ICE we feel your pain. Sometimes this is the advice given from individuals who do not understand the intensity and the sport. This Seminar is created to HELP YOU manage and get better yourself TODAY.

This course is for all athletes who love to exercise and believe that keeping their body moving is MEDICINE. This seminar aims to educate you on the common myths about the hip joint and hip pain. Ways to help decrease your pain and get you back on a solid program as well as ways to enhance your performance and decrease your likelihood of future injury.

Set Yourself Apart and Master Your Understanding of the hip

Before you dive into more specifics of the course here is some information about the lecturer Dr. Joseph Rendina


  • You want to enhance and increase your performance in the gym.
  • You have been told to rest and to STOP doing certain movements that you love to do.
  • You feel some shoulder pain or popping and you are concerned with WHAT exactly is happening.
  • Your hitting a plateau in some of your lifts including; squats, olympic lifts and deadlifts.
  • You STRIVE for growth and to BE BETTER everyday in all ways of your life.

The hip joint itself is a massive and complex joint. This seminar helps break it down into digestible material along with SIMPLE ACTION STEPS you can us now to make yourself BETTER!

Our goal of this educational seminar is to really help you get to the next level, there really is only so far you can go without addressing the little things going on in the body!

SELF EDUCATE and get better today with this Mastering the Hip seminar!


  • Basic education of the hip
    Anatomy and movement education
  • Common injuries of the hip 
  • Ways to enhance your mobility of the hip joint 
  • Ways to enhance your mobility of the shoulder joint
  • Simple ways to increase hip stability and strength to decrease future injury.
  • BONUS:
    - 10 Drills to enhance your hips! (valued at $29.99)


" After attending this seminar I really understood the complex anatomy of the hip! Definitely an investment into your health. Also got some cool exercises for my tool box!" 

-Mairead 27 years old 

" Thank God for this seminar. I was scared to do any work outs that involved squatting. My hips would limit my mobility and give me pain! Now I can essentially treat my hips if I ever get tight again."

-Brian 50 years old

" Before this seminar I had extreme tight hip flexors. Most times I couldn't even deadlift without having some sort of pain in front of my hip. Finally decided to invest into my performance. Not only am I deadlifting pain free I also hit a personal record after attending this seminar!

-Stephen 25 years old

Be better today, Move well tomorrow!

Iron Health’s worthy ideal is to rehabilitate and enhance physically active people to greatly improve their strength, mobility and wellness through patient-centered solution-based care so they can achieve freedom of movement and experience true IRON HEALTH!