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Physical Therapy

W H O   W E   H E L P

We help active people who are currently sidelined with pain, or an injury get back to doing what they love at the same time decreasing their pain and dysfunction.

Physical Therapy is a medical approach focusing on your body and your desired goals. If you are limited in participating in a fulfilling life secondary to an injury, pain or other orthopedic conditions than Iron Health is right for you. If you want to understand what is causing your pain and dysfunction rather than masking pain we can help! We are equipped with a team of specialist dedicated to creating a plan unique to you for long term success.

Physical Therapy focuses on a hands on approach of care helping your decrease pain, regain mobility, and regain your normal function and life. At Iron Health one of our top Doctors of Physical Therapy will take your through an assessment to see how we can help you get to your goals faster!

W H Y   C H O O S E   I R O N   H E A L T H ?

  • One on one care with a doctor of physical therapy.
  • Fun loving environment.
  • Positive atmosphere for improvements.
  • A TEAM approach to getting you better.
  • Highly skilled Doctors of Physical Therapy

W H A T   W E   T R E A T