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So You're Suffering from Sciatica?

What is Sciatica?

Your sciatic nerve runs from the back of your pelvis and ends at the feet. A large portion of the population notice the pain originating in the lumbar spine, your lower back. Depending on how severe the pain is you may also notice pain in your buttocks, back of the thigh, calves, and even your feet.

While there are various causes of sciatica such as nerve impingement, herniation and muscular imbalance, promoting movement along that nerve can help minimize your symptoms and provide temporary relief.

Will I have long term affects from sciatica?

In most cases a great physical therapy plan can resolve the pain although the length of your therapy will depend on the severity of the sciatica. In rare cases for chronic sciatica patients, surgery may be advised.

What can Iron Health do for my sciatica?

Physical Therapy is a highly effective treatment for reducing the symptoms of your sciatica. Our doctors specialize in focusing on one-on-one care. Upon being seen by one of our doctors after your initial evaluation, our doctor will formulate a very tailored plan to fit your specific need and goals you have.

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