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Scoliosis Rehab 

Physical Therapy vs. Chiropractic

What is Scoliosis?

Scoliosis is a deformity of the spine. It is a lateral deviation from the normal curvature of the spine. The abnormal lateral curvature is often combined with some rotational deformity. The best example of scoliosis is "Hunchback of Notre dame."

No one is born with a relatively straight spine. Everybody has a little twist in their spine. If a patient has abnormal curvature above 10 degrees, it is considered scoliosis. There are two types of abnormal scoliosis curves S shape and C shape curve. No matter what type of deformity it is, the treatment approach for these abnormal curves is the same.

Treatments Physical Therapy vs Chiropractic...

However, scoliosis is a progressive deformity, and it can reoccur. Chiropractic provides short term relief for scoliosis. It gives them a false perception that they have recovered from their deformity; due to this, some patients have negative feedback for chiropractic treatment.

While treating the patient, try to reduce the cause, which is the curve itself. The treatment approach should be multimodel, much more intense, and it includes different protocols rather than solely adjustment.

The Rehab exercises are performed to cater for each scoliosis patient to match their curve, their ability to get a specific reduced reduction in their scoliosis. The goal of treatment is to focus on scoliosis rather than just treating the symptoms physically.

What can Iron Health do for my scoliosis?

Prior to Iron Health treating for scoliosis, our Doctors search for the root cause of your pain. Our Doctors will then answer some questions based off what your specific situation is. Once our Doctors answer their questions, they will sit with you and go over what your goals with Physical Therapy are. Our Doctors will work with you to reach your goals and get you back to doing what you like doing the most!

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