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This ebook is designed for clinicians, athletes, coaches, and patients looking to further their understanding of ACL injury, prevention, and performance.

The information presented in this e-book is designed to give a foundational understanding of knee and ACL anatomy, common mechanisms of injury, rehabilitation principles regarding ACL injury, and preventative/strengthening strategies to not only prevent injury, but increase performance.


The Anterior Cruciate Ligament is an important ligament in your knee that limits excessive internal rotation as well as forward movement of your tibia. It is crucial in providing stability to the knee, especially for those playing sports.

ACL sprains and tears are common in sports that involve cutting and pivoting and also contact sports, and can often be associated with other tears, such as MCL or meniscus.


  1. 1
    ACL and Knee Anatomy Basics
  2. 2
    Knee Position and the ACL
  3. 3
    Muscle Activation and the ACL
  4. 4
    Common Mechanisms of ACL Injury
  5. 5
    Injury Prevention - Proper Movement
  6. 6
    Injury Prevention - Strengthening Basics

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    Next, do not just take the passive route! BE PREVENTATIVE there are a lot of easy steps you can take to ensure that you can keep your ACL healthy forever!
  3. 3
    UNDERSTAND THE MECHANICS! Learning the mechanics of ACL can drastically help you! Educate yourself so you can DEVELOP today.
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