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You Are More Than Just An Image


Why you shouldn’t put all of your eggs in a basket with diagnostic imaging!

Diagnostic imaging such as X-Rays, MRI’s, and CT scans can help determine what issues are causing your pain. These images give healthcare providers insight in order to determine the proper diagnosis and plan of care. However, when it comes to movement based injuries, diagnostic imaging will only show a small piece of the bigger picture. Sometimes, imaging might not show any adverse structures or disorders.

A great example of this is with low back pain. Many of our patients come in with back issues, but are perplexed as to why their MRI’s show no dysfunction. There are a couple of things to consider:

  1. 1
    You are immoble when you undergo imaging, your dysfunction can stem from movement that is not being performed during the procedure
  2. 2
    Imaging usually focuses on a specific body part; however, the injury can originate from another area of the body

Remember, you are more than just an image. Assess your daily activities and see what makes your symptoms feel better or worse. Seek a health professional that will assess everything, and not just your MRI.

Disclaimer: If you continue to experience unbearable, reoccurring pain, be sure to schedule an appointment with your physician or join our physical therapy family and allow us to help you regain function.

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Jade Somboonthum, PT, DPT

Jade Somboonthum, PT, DPT

Staff Physical Therapist
Jade received his Doctorate of Physical Therapy from D’Youville College shortly after graduating with his Bachelor’s degree in Exercise Science from The University at Buffalo. He uses his knowledge of the body with his passion to help others in order to empower patients to achieve their goals and get them back to what they love doing pain free. Jade has experience working with athletes of all levels; ranging from the NHL Combine, college and high school athletes, to obstacle course racers, marathon runners, crossfitters, cyclists, and weight lifters. He uses an individualized and evidenced based approach to educate his patients and help them achieve lasting results.
Jade Somboonthum, PT, DPT

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